March 26, 2012

A Bible Study That Makes Jesus Famous To Your Kids...and a giveaway!

Earlier last week, I wrote about how frustrated I've been each year after Easter when I feel as though we didn't spend enough time focusing on what Jesus did for us on the cross and his resurrection. Over time, I've come to realize that celebrating Easter is something we can and should do all year long. Of course, focusing on Him at Easter time is wonderful, but it doesn't ever have to end there.

That is why I was so thankful for the opportunity to review Resurrection by Grapevine Studies. I've had my eye on their curriculum for quite some time and just knew that their approach to bible study for kids and mission was something we deeply value for our family.

Grapevine Studies Mission Statement
Our mission at Grapevine Studies is to provide believers with the tools they need to know God's Word and disciple others.
With our teaching method and Bible studies, parents and teachers can effectively disciple their children and students so that they are equipped to reach the world with the truth of the Gospel.
We fell in love with the way that Grapevine teaches biblical truths. You're not just reading stories to your kids and asking them questions. You actually get to really be a part of the stories in an amazing way here. You and your children will draw stick figures (pictures) as you read and learn these miraculous and amazing truths. Grapevine calls this stick figuring through the bible. I call it brilliant!

This particular study is exactly what we needed to help us celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This is what is included in the Resurrection study: 
The study begins in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. Your kids will learn about the people and events that took place in the final hours of Jesus' life. These lessons will help them understand how Jesus paid for all of our sins with his life and then you can rejoice with your kids as you read and learn about his resurrection. This particular study has two different options. You can purchase the book for ages 5-7 or buy the one for multiple ages, 7 and up. We received both editions and decided very quickly that using the second option would work best for our crew. This was easily adapted for three of our boys, ages 4, 6 and 8. You can view a sample lesson here.

       Lessons include: 
  • The Last Supper
  • The Six Trials of Jesus
  • The Crucifixion
  • Jesus' Death and Burial 
  • The Resurrection 
  • The Ascension
The multi-level teacher's manual is filled with lesson notes, timelines, stick figure drawings, a map, lesson goals & key points, memory verses, and review questions and answers. The price for this is so very reasonable at $8.95 for the ebook or $10.95 for the 3 ring punched book.

The student book includes lesson pages, timelines, a map, memory verses and reviews. Again, the ebook version is $8.95 and the 3 ring punched book is $10.95. All very worth it.

In addition to the teacher and the student books, you will need a Bible, dry erase white board or large paper, colored pencils, crayons or markers and colored dry erase pens. We included several different bibles in our lessons. We used my NIV Application Study Bible and included the kids' bibles as well...The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Action Bible.

This is how we did the our Grapevine Resurrection Bible Study:
There are 11 lessons in all with this study. Because our boys are young and attention spans are fairly short, we divided the lessons up so that we would complete all of the lessons in 4 weeks. We just did a little bit each day first thing in the morning, which was perfect.

Each morning I gathered the boys to pray for God's wisdom and understanding as we studied His Word together. We received the ebook version so I just made sure I had each pages printed out ahead of time for my 6 and 8 year old. Although our 4 year old didn't do the stick figuring portion of the lessons, he very intently listened as we read from the bible and participated in our discussion questions.

Our boys love using clip boards, so we used these with our worksheets. I read stories and key verses out of my NIV bible. Then as I paraphrased the story a bit as I drew the stick figures on our white board. Of course, because I do enjoy drawing, I added to the pictures a bit. But that's part of what I loved about this study. The pictures are all included in the teacher's manual, so you don't need to worry about what or how to draw something. 

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Then after I drew my pictures, my boys would draw their own stick figure pictures. I loved seeing their interpretations and creativity. Each of the boys would describe their pictures and then we'd move on to the discussion questions.

The colored pencils are meant to enhance the study to help the kids remember and easily identify the characters. For example, Jesus is always colored in purple. My boys didn't pay too much attention to the colors, but I imagine that as they get older, they will. That's what's great about this multi-level approach. You can tailor each lesson for your kids very easily. They can use markers, crayons, pencils....whatever works for them. Some days, our 4 year old colored on plain white paper while we read from the bible. His sweet stick figure drawings were adorable. Other days he drew on the white board and once he even built  the Upper Room complete with the table for twelve plus One with Legos! See why I love Grapevine so much?

I also loved the visual aspect of this study. Because of this, we are excited to do other studies put out by Grapevine. (Check them out. There are many!) Many kids tend to be visual learners anyway, plus this keeps them actively involved and engaged so they pay attention and really enjoy the lessons.Our son, C, who has a severe hearing loss LOVED this study., where other bible curricula has left him feeling bored and detached.

The way each worksheet is laid out in box-style is also very helpful as it includes information about each part of each lesson. Each box was big enough for them to draw their pictures, yet gave them some boundaries to work with as well.

With regard to the teacher's manual, I was easily able to use my iPad to bring up my ebook so that I didn't have to print out the whole thing. Loved this! A couple times I had to bring it up on my laptop because a certain someone was using our iPad, but it worked all the same. (I'm just in love with our iPad and how useful it is for educational purposes.)

There isn't a single thing we did not love about Grapevine's Resurrection Study. Did I mention that there is literally no prep work? Once you have your supplies gathered, you're ready to begin. After doing this study, I was struck with how easily a family could begin this study at any time of the year. Easter is a great time to dive into these lessons, but it really is all about the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us and the love He has for us. That shouldn't be confined to just one time of the year that we can celebrate all that Jesus did for us. We can and should celebrate Him everyday of the year.

This is the kind of bible study that really is priceless in how well it captures the minds and hearts of children. For us, it has been an answer to prayer. We're looking forward to our next Grapevine study soon.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the Grapevine studies, they are having a 20% off sale until April 15th. If you decide to take advantage of this, don't forget to use the Coupon Code: Rez12 to receive your discount.

But, there's a giveaway too!!!!
If you would like to win your own copy of the Beginner or Multi-Level Resurrection Teacher/Student set. You can choose either the ebook form or have a physical copy mailed to you.

To enter, leave a comment here and tell me which age level and format you would prefer to receive should you win. (mandatory entry)

Additional entries:
RSS and email readers, please visit my blog to enter.
Contest ends April 3rd. Winner will be notified April 4th.

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  1. I love Grapevine Studies! I've kept a study or two that I did with my kiddos a few years ago. I love seeing how their understanding has matured over the last few years (along with their drawing skills). :)

  2. Wow, that's an awesome giveaway. I can't believe I never heard of these before. We've been looking for a good way to study the Bible more with our daughter. If I won, I'd love to have the mailed copy of the multi-level!

  3. Hi--I just found your blog and am having a great time looking around. I have four boys, and love Jesus, so I'm feeling like I know you well already! :)
    I'll be back!

  4. It's wonderful way to make kids courageous! Above drawings are so beautiful. My kids also love drawing. I will teach show above stuff to do.


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