May 21, 2012

!0 sick day tricks...for mom

Typically, around here, it's my boys who get sick first. During the cold and flu season...ugh...we're sick constantly. And when that happens, it can take a couple weeks or longer to get back to normal again. I'm sure that once our boys are older and they aren't licking doorknobs or handrails, touching everything in the grocery stores and remember to wash their hands after blowing their noses....we won't be plagued with as many colds. I hope.

Until such time, we endure.

Handling all of the runny noses, stuffy noses, constant coughing, croup and sleeplessness is something we just, well....handle. But when I am out of's a little different. When moms get sick, life kind of just has to slow down. In our house, the dishes get left longer in the sink...much longer. The laundry piles become mountains. School work either ceases or we just read together. And the media options are used much more frequently.

This typically happens for me when I am run down from dealing with everyone else being sick in my family, when I, myself am sick and...this one is often the worst....when I get a migraine. I've been plagued with these since I was around 15 years old and they are AWFUL. So, when I get one, not only am I pretty much not able to function, I just need to shut down.

How does one do that in a house full of little boys?  

Here are 10 magical tricks for allowing mom to get some rest while keeping her crew safe and happy when she is sick! 
And yes, I take FULL advantage of every one of these....

Homeschool Sick Days for Mom
  1. My favorite!! Ahead of time, put together an "Emergency--Take Care of Mom--Kit" for your kids. Only pull it out when you are sick and NEED to lay down and rest. When I'm sick, I pull this magical "First Aid" kit out. It's filled with band aids of all shapes and sizes, medical tape, syringes, stethoscope (real or kid kind), any other doctor type tools you or the kids have, and "Owie Cream", which is actually my favorite lotion for them to rub on my feet and hands. Fill your kit with whatever medical supplies you have, is safe and you don't mind using. My boys love this and come up with all kinds of scenarios as to why I need medical attention. Plus, they're boys...they love to be mom's hero! Yes, I end up covered in band aids and I'm usually sporting an Ace Bandage wrapped ankle or two...but they love it, and so do I.
  2. When I need to rest, I also let my boys brush my hair and do all kinds of weird stuff to it. I put my foot down in letting them use any gels or products in it. But, my hair is long and they can make it look pretty crazy. They think this is great fun and I get to have my hair played with, which always feels good when I have a migraine. 
  3. I let them take turns snapping pictures with my digital camera and iPhone camera. They pretend like they're secret spies and have to go get pictures and report back to mom. These are always hilarious! Then we use our many different editing apps to "enhance" these photos and send some to Dad at work.
  4. Meals need to happen at some point. On days when I can barely pull myself to the kitchen and the smell of food isn't helping, I give them directions and specific jobs to go forth and conquer making a meal together. It works. Somehow, they know that they just have to work together and get the job done if they want to eat. This is definitely one of those areas where teaching them ahead of time is such a good idea. Our kids need to learn how to help out in the kitchen, not just for when they're older...but for days when they're help is needed NOW. 
  5. On these days, we eat most of our meals picnic style in the playroom....where I am laying on the couch. Again, they are capable of setting this up. My oldest is 8 and our youngest is only 2. They are fully capable of helping at these ages. And I always love to see them not only helping EACH OTHER and me, but even serving one another. 
  6. We listen to audiobooks on CD or on our iPod. There's a great resource list of audiobooks for boys over at The Homeschool Classroom. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. Libraries are a great place to find books on CD. And anymore, there are so many that you can download from your local library to your media device. This helps when you can't even leave the house because you're so sick. 
  7. Of course, one of my favorites is just cuddling up together with lots of blankets and pillows to read a good book or 12. ( I do this when I'm feeling a bit better.)
  8. We bring out the dress up bin and my boys become knights, dragons, Spiderman, Batman, Construction Worker guy, various animals and other super heroes, pirates and made up characters. I love to see their creative sides come out. Typically, because they have my full attention (I'm not going anywhere off this couch) they will perform many stunts and skits for me while I lay there and rest. 
  9. At this point, if they've already played outside, built forts and obstacle courses and played with their Legos....I'll let them play their Wii games. Now typically because there are four of them and I'm trying to keep everyone happy and quiet so that I can be happily sick and quiet....I bring out our other various media devices so that everyone can be content while they wait to rotate to the next media option. I sounds a bit indulgent and it really does drive me crazy to allow it....but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do when she's sick. It works for a while.
  10. And then when that is exhausted, they've had a media break and Daddy will be home soon....I ask the boys to make a snack together, bring it out to the playroom and we turn on a show from Netflix and watch it together. 
Notice, I hardly got off the couch. Now, this is what works for me right now, in this season of motherhood. Next year, it might look different. Last year, it definitely looked different. My toddler was only one and was much more needy. But as long as I stayed near the ground while he could play and climb all over me, it worked.

And if I'm so sick, I need help, I just call my sweet mom. She's amazing and THE BEST MOM around! She will drop everything to come rescue me if I need her while Jeff is at work. I bet we all have someone we can call on when we just have to be sick ALONE.

I'm so thankful for kids who somehow know that when Mom is sick, it's time to pull it together and put some of that good training to use. They really are great kids and I adore them so. They bless me every time I'm not feeling well with their kindness and help.

What are your tricks for getting through the day when you're so sick you need to just lay down? 

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  1. After having a cold and tearing my rotor cuff last week, I can appreciate having a ready supply of wife-is-sick ideas. (My husband is disabiled.) I'll really have to pull out a big bag of tricks when I have my rotor cuff repaired.

  2. Visiting as co-"linky" sharer on Top Ten Tues...I love the idea of a "kit"--like a doctor's kit! This will be great to have on hand. Thanks!

  3. Megan, you telling me on Sunday what the boys do when you arent feeling well made me laugh so hard. I can just picture the hair and band aids! You are an awesome mom with the really fantastic ideas!!!
    Love you, Paula

  4. I love your ideas. Completely doable, and things my boys would really like to do! I have migraines now and then, too. Maybe it's the testosterone floating around in our boy homes!

  5. This is SO good! I'm the worst at things like…planning ahead! I would have never (ever) thought of having a kit prepared in case I get sick. Fortunately we don't get sick a whole lot, but I think I should put something to gether b/c it would give my boys SUCH a kick if I pulled it out. :)

  6. We use audiobooks when everyone is stuck inside. Whether it's a sick day or a snow day. There's lots of great sites to download them, but we use this one a lot because all the stories are original and free. Here's the link if anyone is interested.


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