August 20, 2012

Back to School {and how our homeschooling journey began}

I found an old journal of mine recently and began reading the first few pages, realizing that THIS was where I first recorded our decision to homeschool. I had forgotten I wrote this down somewhere other that here on this blog.
"I am entering a new season...with God's leading, we have decided to homeschool our boys."
Those were the words written across the page of my journal on January 12, 2008. Our oldest was just about to turn 4 and our youngest, almost 2. Although, the homeschooling seed was planted long before that moment, that was the day I formally declared out-loud (OK, um, quietly in my journal) that we intended to homeschool our boys. It was right around this time that God also began a real heart change within me. 
"Renew my mind and heart as to who you are Jesus, your love for me, How I can more fully love like you, know your will for my life and my family's. I want to seek you God and have a much fuller and deeper relationship with you. I will never be perfect or even close to it, but I am seeking a heart change so that your Holy Spirit isn't hindered or quenched within me. For so long, I've been a Christian, loving you, but never really truly knowing you. This also means I haven't loved or trusted you the way you long for me to - the way that I long to now." 
These are words that remind me of where I was and where I am....still desiring a changed heart, a deeper and fuller relationship with Jesus. But I am also reminded that this is not a race. It's not one of those projects that one can start and finish to completion on one's own or even within this lifetime. No, only God can do that. He is the only ONE who can truly change and mold our hearts for His glory and His purposes....and it will take as long as we are here on this earth. I am comforted to know that we are never alone and that God wants me to depend on Him for it all.

So, today, as we get back to the business of more formal learning (AKA...first day back to school), I am reminded of God's loving plan for our family and how it all began. These precious pictures are of my boys way back when we only had two. They were taken right around the time we decided to school them at home. 



As our family has grown and our homeschooling evolves, I am excited at how God is also revealing His plan for these four boys. I just know He's got great big plans for them. I am so thankful to be their mom AND their teacher.


  1. Blessings for a fantastic school year! We start next week! It's funny that I read in an old journal yesterday a prayer for our first day in 2008!

  2. Ah, journals. I started keeping a Funny or Memorable Moments journal years ago and stopped. We still laugh over the things in it. I should start it up again. Such great memories, huh?

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids. Stopping by your lovely blog to say hello!! :)

  4. that is so great. I love to find nuggets like that in old journals--and look at your precious heart!!
    Personally I LOVE starting a new school year--we all are so excited and positive…I hope you are all enjoying these first few days also.
    Can't wait to do this together, from a distance! ;)


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