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My Story of a Changed Heart This Week…

You know those days, mamas, when you wake up, your feet hit the floor and you’re faced with the dreaded fork in the road? It’s literally staring you right in the face. Some days, you open your eyes and your resolve is so strong, that nothing is going to ruin this day. No matter what circumstance is thrown your way, it’s going to be a good day…because of Jesus.

Back to the fork…

But on this day, for some reason, there’s a choice that feels a bit more ominous and overwhelming…clouded. It’s not so clear in your mind whether this will be a good day or not. And your resolve is weaker on this particular day. So, you don’t choose. You wait to see what will happen once you hit the ground running.

That’s what I did one day this last week. And if I’m honest…it happens more than I’d like to admit.

Within 2 minutes of waking up, my youngest ones were awake, and full of needs. I’ll add that they were grouchy and complaining already and it was only 6:02am. My other two sons were up shortly after, and from there…I chose to continue sinking into a pit. My bible study didn’t happen on this day, which is why I set my alarm to get up BEFORE the kids in the first place. It was raining hard, again. And there we were, faced with 15ish hours left in our day and already, I was exhausted.

The entire day was filled with boys bickering, fighting, offending one another, grumbling and me….doing the very same thing. I knew it was wrong. I knew I needed to just turn toward Jesus and there He’d be to rescue me. But I just couldn’t find my way that day. I couldn’t see past what was right in front of my face. My Joy felt stolen.

That night, I prayed for God’s new mercies would find me in the morning. I was desperate for a Mercy-Day. I didn’t deserve one, but I prayed for one anyway.

Me and the boys!!

Early the next day…

Same story. I woke up, tired. Blurry-eyed, I just wanted to sleep in. I’d been up (again) with a sick one til 2:30am. He had obviously caught the cold my oldest son already had. So here it was, 6am and that proverbial fork hit me again. I was tempted to sink in to defeat, tempted to hang my head low while laundry piles beckoned, dishes remained undone from the night before, house still an utter disaster and sick kids awaited.

What’s a tired mama to do?

On this morning, that fork didn’t feel so dreadful. Something was different. We could have another day like the one before, or I could sink into Jesus instead of into defeat. What was different? My quiet time with the Lord was, once again, not going to be “quiet”. It was going to need to be one of those DEVOTIONAL MOTHERHOOD kind of days ..where quiet time happens in constant fellowship between His Spirit and mine throughout the day, instead of only when it’s “quiet”. It was still raining, the shower I’d hoped for wasn’t going to happen and my house was not going to get spring cleaned like I’d hoped. But, I opened my hands to the One who loves me like crazy and decided right there and then that I was going to receive and accept whatever He had for me that day. In fact, I was even going to be thankful.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” -Luke 22:42

I felt God’s grace fall fresh on my soul. His mercies covered our entire day, and my heart was full to overflowing with thankfulness. Nothing in my world had changed, but something in my heart had. Living proof, that our circumstances and feelings do NOT have to dictate our contentment.

My boys and I, we danced up a storm in our laundry-pile laden living room that day. We read books instead of engaging in the “Brother’s Fight Club” like the previous day and I didn’t fret about the dishes or the dinner plan for later that night. I let go of my agenda, looked around at those four sweet faces who were smiling at me because they could see my heart written all over my tired face…and I thanked God for this loud and crazy HOPE-filled mess where He comes in and rescues us the mud and mire and even…from our SELVES. 

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  1. thegrommom says:

    Thank you Megan! I am reading this, MIDDAY, on Easter, and somewhere in the middle of this very special holiday, I turned grumpy and have been making bad choices with my attitude. Your words are just what I needed. I realize I get to choose, and the day is not done. Quick prayer, and I am up and ready to start fresh with my family. Thank you for the reminder, and I love the idea of “devotional motherhood” more and more…:)

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