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July 19, 2012

Boy Mom BlogHop 2012

I want to welcome you to House of the Rising Sons! 
If you are one of my faithful readers, I want to thank you for continuing to bless me. Welcome back!! And if this is your first time here, so glad you stopped by and I hope you'll stick around for a bit.So nice to meet you here.

One of my very favorite online "hang-outs" is the M.O.B Society. If you aren't familiar with them, it's an amazing community for Moms of Boys, by Moms of Boys. Being a mom of four sweet boys myself, I'm so thankful for a community like this, a place where I feel completely at home and understood. Often I read a post by another writer there and I could swear that she must have been a fly on the wall in my home that day. Every encouraging, hope-filled, honest and real word I read there touches my heart in some way and helps me remember that I am never alone in this journey.

I'm really excited because the MOB Society is hosting a BlogHop again this year. Each day this week I've enjoyed getting to know other moms of boys and am so thankful for each one them.

About Me
My name is Megan. My awesome husband and I have been married for almost 17 years. We have 4 incredible boys, ages 2, 4, 6 and 8 who keep us very active and enjoying life. We're a homeschooling family and are so thankful for the path that our Heavenly Father is leading us on. It's full of twists and turns, rolling hills, and even some sharp corners and switchbacks...but every step of the way is one step closer to Him and reveals His faithfulness to us. He has blessed us with these 4 amazing boys....We adore them.

What is House of the Rising Sons About?
I began writing here 5 years ago when our oldest son was only 3. Over the years this blog has evolved as has my writing and it's content. God has stretched me, encouraged me and led me on a journey toward heart change. When I first began writing about our family adventures, it was mostly in journal style...a way for me to document our life with pictures and stories and update our family and friends about our boys. But over time, God has revealed more of his plan for this blog and has turned it into a ministry of sorts. I am continually humbled and grateful for all that He is doing in my life. My prayer is that this blog will only serve to glorify and honor Him. It's so easy to start out with good intentions and get lost along the way if I'm not seeking Him first. So first and foremost, this site is meant to serve God by serving others.

Here you will find me writing about raising BOYS (of course), homeschooling, family life, my faith, prayer, making Jesus famous to our boys, motherhood and American Sign Language. There are so many amazing women I have met online who have blessed my life with their stories, their testimonies, their raw truth and their friendship. The real life stuff that happens when no one else is looking...those are the moments that speak to my heart and lead me to write because those are the moments that other moms have shared that have blessed my heart so much.

 A Few Areas of Interest {and passions of my own}

I am SO excited for a new 3 Day series I am writing called 3 Days of Heart Preparation for Homeschooling. I would love to have you join us as we seek our God together for changed hearts.

I recently hosted a 7 Days of Hope for the Weary {BOY} Mom series here, based on the amazing book above by Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker. The entire experience was such a blessing to me and I hope it will continue to bless others as well. 

                                                         Unit Study Planner
Recently, I put together a DIY Homeschooling and Blogging Planner. If you are interested in my printables, I'd love to share them with you.

                                                         ASL, teach kids ASL
We are a bilingual family because our 6 year old son was born with a rare syndrome called Pfeiffer Syndrome along with a severe hearing loss. So we have learned and use American Sign Language...and I LOVE to show others how beneficial and fun it is to teach to all kids of all abilities. Our story and more info can be found here...

Please feel free to look around and drop me a note. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better. And if this is not your first time here, THANK YOU for dropping by. I am so thankful for all of you.

Many blessings to you,

March 15, 2012

Our Favorite Homeschool Resources

When people ask me how long we've been homeshooling, I typically tell them, since day one because kids begin learning the second they are born. But, really, we didn't officially make the decision to homeschool them until our oldest was about three. At that point, he was still so young and we had a one year old as well. The following year, when our boys were 2 and 4 I really started focusing on preschool activities.That was four years ago.

And now we have four boys and the rest is history....

Each year has looked pretty different from the previous as we continue to find what works for us.  But there are a few resources that have been a constant over the years and some that today, we just couldn't live without. So, today, I'm linking up with The Homeschool Classroom to answer this question:

Since I'm not one to be able to narrow things down very easily, I'll give you my top resource first, the one we keep going back to time and again, and then list two more.

1. It's my all time favorite place to find awesome unit studies: Homeschool Share. I love that the studies are for all age levels, use all kinds of literature, cover a multitude of themes and are organized so well, that it saves me a ton of time when putting our lessons together.Plus, they're all free! You can read about one of the unit studies we did HERE.
2. When our kids are little, we really focus on learning letters and sounds first. My most favorite resource for this is Letter of the Week. It's another free resource with lots of great activities and book lists organized by age.

3. And my other most favorite resource is the Signing Time DVD series. We have been learning American Sign Language for the past six years and cannot express strongly enough how much these DVDs have benefited our family. You can read more about that HERE.

What resources do you keep going back to over and over again? I'd love to know. Be sure to visit The Homeschool Classroom to see what others are saying about their favorite homeschool resources.
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