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August 28, 2012

Peter Pan in the Park

We have a friend whom we love to pieces...M. She is bright and beautiful inside and out. She is one of the kindest, most giving young girls I know. And she will defend you like nothin' else. She's had cause to defend my boys a time or two. Yes, this girl is one who has a heart for Jesus and it's evident in the way she loves her family and friends. She loves to help others and believes that anything is possible. I love that about her. M is also a very talented young girl and has a real passion for theater, so when she mentioned that she was putting together (completely by herself) a one week theater camp in the park...I had no doubts about her ability to do it. Since she was a little girl, M has been involved in theater camps and plays every year. She just loves it!

Our two oldest boys, O and C signed up for her camp without hesitation. They do have a bit of flare for drama. M had written and tailored a script for the play, Peter Pan, for the 10 kids who signed up. There were four moms, each of us with 4 kids in tow who arrived each afternoon at the park. M did such a great job teaching, directing and helping the kids learn their lines while making it fun with creative games that helped each of them come out of their shells and really have a good time.

Last Friday was the day of the performance. We met at a different park, one with an amazing outdoor stage that turned out to be so perfect for this play. With moms and grandparents and younger siblings in the audience, we watched in awe as our children performed a very sweet rendering of Peter Pan. I could not have been more proud of our boys, of M or of our other friends who performed that day.

 This is M, our director, producer, choreographer, and friend. We think you're amazing Tinker Bell!!

The cast!

One of my favorite moments of the day. My sweet friend Jenny, (M's mom) gathered everyone to pray before getting started. I can't begin to tell you what seeing these kids praying together does to my heart. 

 Our C is an Indian in this part (later playing one of the Lost Boys) and O is playing the part of John.

 "John and Wendy" warming themselves by the fire. 

 "Peter Pan and Michelle"! (Love these kids!)

 Two of the cutest little Indians ever! 

 Sweet little Mermaids!

 Aren't they the cutest pirates you've ever seen?

 "Captain Hook"

 Farewell Tinker Bell and Peter Pan!

 And there was dancing...

 At the end of the play, the cast danced their little hearts out to "Do You Believe in Magic" by The Lovin' Spoonful.

 My little actors, O and C.

 O and C with best bud, G.

 Best Friends!

Thank you M, for an amazing experience and for all of your hard work. We love you!!

March 20, 2012

Top 10 Reasons We Love Spring!

Finally, it's Spring. The last 6 months in the Pacific Northwest felt particularly long this year. I'm sure I say that every year. Nonetheless, I'm grateful. For us living in the rainier part of the country, I feel very thankful for a new season filled with hope and newness. Here are my top ten reasons why...

1. My boys love to pick flowers for me and I love it when one of them hands me my first Crocus of the season.

2. The longer daylight hours provide hope and excitement for the longer sunnier days ahead...we get to be outside all the time!

 3. We can take our school work outside once in a while, which also includes a lot of critter gathering...SCIENCE!

4. Our Outdoor Adventure Club happens more regularly. In these wetter parts, sometimes you have to just throw on your technical gear (waterproof everything) and get out in the weather...but I am always thankful when we can shed our layers and let the sun touch our skin.

5. I know it's still pretty wet around here in the Spring, but I'm hopeful. Drier, warmer days are ahead and we are looking forward to playing more often with friends outside.

6. Baseball season begins....

7. On the days that are still cold, but dry, we love to head up to the lake near our house and explore!

8. Spring is the time of year when all of our babies were born, so for's also birthday season!

9. It means cold and flu season are on it's way OUT!!!! With four young kids in our home, it takes forever for and illness to make it's way out of our home. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

10. Spring cleaning! Need I say more? OK, actually that there is this strange light that streams through our windows more often, I can see the dust and the dirt everywhere. I also get a sudden urge to purge at this time of year. I love the feeling of organizing the things we want to keep and getting rid of those things we just don't need anymore, but someone else might.

I love having a reason to look back over the last couple years in photos and ponder the many reasons why we love Spring!

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