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November 5, 2011


Misc. Summer Fun!!!

The red mohawks had to finally go. Surprisingly, swimming in the pool didn't help much.

Love this one!

Having fun with friends. This is A.

Uncontrollable laughter is the BEST!

Gathering supplies...boys on a mission!

Here is A's big brother, J, helping our boys build a cool fort with PVC pipes.

And these are our good friends, R and A. They were up visiting from CA.

How many kids can you fit on one hammock? (safely)

And this is MY very good friend, Leigh (A and R's mom). She used to live here and we miss their family very much.

This is another near and dear friend of mine, Liz, with her sweet baby, A. (she also has 4)

Liz's daughter, L.

...and sweet big sister, A, is hiding.

And this is Liz's oldest, J.

Our kids had so much fun playing at the lake with their friends. We always look forward to doing this.

Somehow, E found and my mom's ukulele from her elementary school years.

This is not a toy, E....especially not an outside toy!

A tired T...ready to go home after playing hard at the park.

May 23, 2011


Me and my baby!

Possible Woody Woodpecker lookalike. ??

Looking at the water line to see how much water there is in Rattlesnake Lake.

Up at the lake, playing in the woods.

Checking out Mt. Si

Big Boy Time!

This is a tent I built for the boys with PVC pipes and connectors!

Under the tent

C and T talking with Great Grandma Margaret. So sweet.

Grandma teaching O how to play the piano. Reminds me of when I was little.

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