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November 6, 2011

2011 Summer Stay-cation Pictures

Here we are at the Seattle Aquarium.

Watching the scuba diver was the boys' favorite part.

She even gave them high fives through the glass!

One of our best outings was a day deep in the woods at a camp ground not too far away.

Love this shot. Of course, the campfire is always the best part! We roasted hotdogs and made smores.

The wooded area of this campground reminded me of my adventures in the woods with my brother when we were kids.

The boys were in heaven, exploring, climbing and building forts.

Next stop...our local train station. Here comes the train!

T, looking out the window as we rode from one town to the next. This train is a mostly open air train and attracts people from all over. It's a short enough ride to make this do-able with our little guys, but long enough to really enjoy the experience and be able to see the Snoqualmie Falls along the way.

All that swaying almost put me to sleep too.

Another campground outing! Here, Jeff is warming milk in empty coke cans for E's bottle.

They can't get enough of watching Daddy build a fire.

And the last few days of our stay-cation ended up being a last minute trip to the ocean.

It was beautiful weather, although REALLY windy and cold. The boys loved the beach for about an hour and they were done. This was the whole reason we drove all the way to the coast and rented a hotel go to the beach and play.

So, we enjoyed our very short beach excursion before checking in to our hotel room and never went back.

I was sad to not spend more time in the sand, running from the waves. But, admittedly, I was freezing too.

The rest of our trip was spent playing in the pool and playing at the family fun center. We had planned to stay for 4 days, but E got sick in the middle of the second night. After hours of trying to console a screaming baby, taking him for two midnight drives and coming to terms that the rest of our trip would most likely be miserable if we stayed...we packed up at 2am and drove home, arriving at about 5am and thankful to be back home! So, even though it wasn't at all what we expected, our beach trip was worth it and made us very thankful for many of the things we have closer to home. We'll try the coast again, but maybe the Oregon or California coast next time. 

Our time off together as a family this past summer was so needed and such a blessing in so many ways. We really relaxed, enjoyed one another, laughed a lot, and even had some unexpected adventures that will make lasting memories to treasure always. It also made us realize how important time off together as a family is. We don't do it nearly often enough. Weekends are great, but are normally spent catching up and keeping up with our lives. There's never really enough time to catch our breath or rest, it seems. Our vacations don't need to be extravagant or even far away from home...we just need to be together, enjoying each other and taking time to really be thankful for all of the blessings we have...the things we so easily take for granted...Jesus, the relationships He's placed in our lives and the incredible comforts we have.
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