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December 30, 2012

iPhone Photo Journaling

Although I love to use my digital camera to take (a lot) of photos, I actually tend to use my iPhone for capturing more of the in-the-moment-real-life-shots. And there a lot of them.Yes, they tend to be blurry or fuzzy, sometimes darker than I'd like...but they are priceless and I wouldn't trade them for anything. These moments would have been lost and forced to be saved in my (not so reliable) memory, if it weren't for my reliable little iPhone camera.

So, I'm going to not worry about their quality and post them here anyway because it's the life in the shot that shares the reality of our family life. How many photos are stored in your camera phone? What do you do with them? Unearthing mine helps me remember the million little moments that make up our days and encourages me to be more thankful for the blessings that fill my heart with JOY when I see God's Grace and Love (and humor) in these stills.

Our boys tried to play a good trick on me. The giggles clued me in and I stayed dry! Nice one, boys!

Pulmonary Function Test. He did great! More news about C's health and upcoming plans soon.

Our favorite park to play at.

"I Love You Mom"

Having lunch with our friends!

First Snow!!!

Me...driving home when the first snow hit. Literally, terrified! I's barely anything, but still...

I adore resting as close as I possibly can to our little guy. It's the best!

Three crowd pleasers around here...crackers with cheese(s) and Daddy's smoked Salmon, blueberry, chocolate chip and banana pancakes, and bananas with peanut butter on them. YUM!


Daddy teaching math to the boys on the white board while T lays on the floor to watch a show because he's sick. 

Sleeping angel.

The photo in which I reveal to the world that, yes, I do in fact use a trick or treat pumpkin bucket as a place to put my dryer lint instead of walking it to the trash can. AND, yes, my laundry pile nearly always looks like this and often, much worse. But, hey, at least my oldest is learning how to help with laundry...even though in this moment he's acting like he's going to spray me with spray and wash. ::sigh::

"Momma, I going to just sit right here and read." says our 2 and a half year old at the library.

One of my favorites!!!! 

Not a Halloween picture! This was taken just last week.

They thought I was so awesome letting them face paint at Christmas time. (even though I've been saying no for months.) O (left) did his painting all by himself while I painted Batman. Kinda creepy, huh. 

Little brothers look like twins!

Christmas morning! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

This is the picture I texted to my mom to wish her a Merry Christmas morning and tell her we'd see her in a few hours. 

Karate Belt Test

Sensei Michael going over their test scores with them the following week. They both had strong passes earning C his yellow belt and O, his blue belt. Awesome job boys!!!

Doing a little Math together.  

 Building Mommy a Domino house.

That's it for now. What amazing reality shots do you have hiding in your smart phone? Hoping your new year is filled with many blessings and lots of Joy in the everyday moments of your days. 

Hope for the New Year Book Club

Moms, are you tired? A little worn out? Maybe REALLY worn out? I know I am most of the time. But we don't have to be defeated. I can't think of a better way to start 2013 than with HOPE....the kind that only comes from God. I would LOVE for you to join me for a Book Club I will be hosting over at Hope for the Weary Mom beginning January 7, 2013. I am so over the moon excited about what God is going to do during our time together as we seek Him for all He has for us. It's going to be AMAZING! Head on over to Hope for the Weary Mom for all the details.

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